My inspiration behind my Coaching Business

Some time ago I decided to turn my life up side down. I had been unhappy at work for way too long (sufficient to say that none of what was going on at work at that time was in line with my life values) and when motherhood kicked in, the need for a change became even more evident. 

The change was not simply about “oh, lets do the same but somewhere else” as I, as a woman, was evolving and all those usual things that had inspired me up to that point (ie, climb the corporate career ladder in prestigious companies) were all of a sudden not worth my sweat and even less my tears. Priorities were changing and so were my values. My idea of success was shifting. The change I needed was real.

So I took the bold decision to pull the break and change direction. My corporate background didn’t have to be my life sentence. 

The time had come for a reinvention. The time had come to take risks, to change what I was doing and the way I was doing it.

And so, I built some courage and I jumped into the big void. Was I ready? Hell no! But, remaining stuck somewhere I didn’t belong wasn’t an option either so I had to give myself a new opportunity. And so I did.

Thankfully, I would soon discover that when you connect your job with who you really are and what you really believe in, you start living a fulfilling life in every sense of the word.

Today, my mission is to support women in the same journey. Women who aren’t ready to compromise for a career below their true potential and desire. Women who are not willing to have their families running around the needs of someone else. Women who are not accepting to live somebody else’s life. Women who want to be the Captain of their own ship and dare to live their lives in their own terms.

Are you this woman? 


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