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The Janus Project is Berta's flagship Group Coaching Program and is designed to support well-accomplished professionals to re-invent themselves and re-launch their careers.

Berta’s mission connects back to her own journey of fighting through the stress and strain of being a workaholic in high pressure roles, and fighting against the belief that burnout and working 24/7 automatically goes with the territory of being a high achiever.


Having come out the other side and now found the joy of a better quality work-life balance and a career that makes her heart sing, she is driven about enabling the same for her clients.

Berta is a trained and qualified coach who supported hundreds of professionals to re-launch & re-position themselves in the market and who has been featured in Thrive Global, We are the City, The Talented Ladies Club and COACH magazine in the past few months.

The Janus Project is for you if:

  • You have fallen out of love from the career you have had for a lifetime, feel confused around “what’s next” and are struggling to re-invent yourself.

  • You have been made redundant, want to go “freelance” but are feeling overwhelmed and distressed by a journey that is unknown to you.

  • You have this burning desire to start your own business and need support around shifting your mindset from “employee” to “business owner”.

  • You have decided to take a bet on yourself, have started your own business, and want to tap onto the resources, tools and expertise of a fully accredited coach and a mentor with a proven track record of client successes.

  • You are a high flyer who is ready to take his career to the next level and need to partner with someone who has been there before and it's ahead of the game.

If all the points above resonate with you, take action and schedule a call directly with Berta to see if the program is right for you.
Join her and her group of rock stars at THE JANUS PROJECT; a 13 week Group Coaching Program designed to support all those who are in a “career crossroads” to step into their “new chapters” with clarity and focus by providing them with the guidance, expertise, tools and “know how” so they can...



  • Have developed a stronger self-awareness which will enable you to connect the dots between what you really want, what you are naturally talented at and the opportunities available to you in the market.

  • Have identified your Unique Selling Point (USP) so you can nail your messaging to your dream Employer / Client.

  • Have created a 90 day plan that works for you and is in line with your goals & vision and you will learn techniques to ensure you remain “on track”.

  • Have done some mindset work, have identified some of the blocks that are holding you back and you will have learned the techniques around how to overcome them so to ensure nothing stands in the way between where you are and where you desire to be with your career.

  • Learn how to build a strong personal branding, which includes creating a standout Linkedin Profile / website that positions you as an expert in your field and helps you to attract the right opportunities.

  • Have identified and mapped out some of the alternatives available to you for your middle term future.

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Find Out What Previous Alumni Say



Former Co-Managing Director at Tempe Inditex Group

I always knew I wanted to specialize in fashion and followed my instinct straight after university.

Having worked for leading fashion brands for over 20 years I gained incredible knowledge and expertise in the sector.

I travelled the world, experienced the thrill of fast growing business and also the challenges some business have to face at certain point.

I enjoyed it all. Every single moment shaped me to who I am today.

But as business grow, so do you, and one day you realize that there is ‘something missing’ and this is the time I felt I had to stop and rethink my next chapter.

With age, we tend to listen less to our instinct and I wanted to reconnect back with it and my core values.

I have known Berta for years and I have seen her transition from her days in corporate HR to creating and growing her own business.  I knew I wanted Berta to lead me through this process and chose the Diamond programme as it included the Hogan assessment.

Berta’s programme was the perfect match for me as it guided me through this journey of self-awareness, which led me to a clear vision of how I wanted to shape my next chapter.

My “something is missing feeling” is no longer there and I feel I have the clarity to make a conscious and exciting change that fits who I am today.



Senior Retail Executive

I worked 20 years for international leading luxury brands, from family owned businesses to large corporate entities. I felt very fulfilled and proud of the ladders I managed to climb throughout the years and my achievements. However, deep down, I always felt I was in a lose/lose situation, wanting to be with my family when at work and at work when with my family! I always felt I had to make a choice between being a loving and caring mother and wife OR being successful in my career.

The concept of work/life balance never worked for me, travelling a lot and working insane hours because it's never enough. Then I realised that I was compromising my integrity and the values I stand up for the most, that I'll never be really happy and that balance doesn't exist.

Berta's coaching program was an eye gave me the confidence to believe that actually I can have it all if I have the right mindset and a plan!! This coaching program, in a very short period of time, gave me practical tools that I can use to build and achieve what I really want in life. I feel armed and confident.


Thank you Berta for being who you are and for giving women the strength to move forward. 



Senior HR Executive

I believe the group coaching is extremely powerful - getting immediate feedback about your attitude, drive and thoughts is super effective.

I have raised my self-awareness and I am now well on the way of identifying my “zone of genius” to make sure I have a sustainable plan for it.

Thank you very much Berta for this journey; it's truly a pleasure to work with you but it is still a bigger pleasure to have you elevating the quality of my self- growth thinking and having you as a resource to find alternatives.

I wish many people could count on such a valuable experience.


Executive Director of Communications

For me, personally, this Program acted as a catalyst for transition and re-definition as well as a confirmation of certain aspects I was hesitant about. It has given me valuable insight and is forcing me to re-define my values and establish boundaries towards protecting them. These learnings go beyond the career and have taken a life of their own as I ask myself questions every day that make me uncomfortable but that are instrumental for my growth.

The invaluable interactions and connections I have had with amazing people through the course also taught me to be ok with falling forward, with taking a break, with being kind and patient with myself.

Berta is a positive force and has an energy that inspires you to become a better version of yourself on your own terms.



I really enjoyed every bit of this experience. It has helped me a lot in a turbulent period where I needed it to get my optimism at its highest possible level and be focused.

I have learned that the starting point to anything I want to achieve in life is “myself”. I now know that in order to feel successful I should not walk away from “who I am” and compromise on life values that are crucial for me to be happy and feel fulfilled.

The focus going forward for me is to keep up the work around becoming a better version of myself as this will be the foundation of whatever I decide to do in the future.

What's included in the



  • 6 in-depth deep dive modules that will give you the knowledge and the tactics you need in order to start your career re-invention journey.


  • 6 video trainings to support your learnings of each module.

  • A workbook filled with practicable exercises which will give you the clarity and focus that you need in order to move forward and which … YOU CAN KEEP FOR LIFE!

  • 6 group coaching calls to provide you with both the accountability and coaching/mentoring you need in order to ensure you are supported every single step of the way.

  • A minimum of 4 guest speaker sessions to support you in uplevelling your journey.

  • 1 final coaching wrap up session to ensure you have everything you need in order to move forward autonomously and confidently after the program.

  • A private Facebook Group where you will be able to share your challenges, goals and wins and bounce ideas / questions and doubts with the group.

  • The ongoing support of an accredited career reinvention coach during a 13 week period who will ensure you have everything you need in order to transition successfully.


€850 (VAT inc)


The vip offer includes all the above PLUS 90 minute 1:1 strategy call with Berta Maso so you can receive “on the spot” coaching & mentoring so you can move forward and speed up your progress.


€1000 (VAT inc)